MORE ON PRAYER ON NIGHT Read Philippians 4: 4-7

A Christian counselor told me years ago that counselors would be out of business if all of us human-types  would just take this section of Philippians to heart and put it into practice. He’d have to put up a ‘going out of business’ sign!  Nothing wrong with seeing a counselor–I have at times of challenge and crisis in my life and it was most helpful, especially a skilled and gifted Christian counselor.  My master’s  from Princeton was in the area of counseling, so I have a feel for this important part of life and ministry.  But my counselor friend was so right…read these verses again and again, and start to let them sink way down deep into your spiritual psyche until you feel lifted by the Lord.  Rejoice…gentleness…less anxiety and worry…more prayers of all types, at all times of the day and night.  I mentioned about the fears that flood me at night when I wake up and can’t go back to sleep.  Am I alone in this?  Probably not.  Unfortunately so!  Have known many other believers  with the ‘night terrors’.  How these come to each  so plagued would be different.    For me, it began when I was 2 years old and contracted polio before moving to a new home many miles away.  Was then put into the Sister Kenny Polio Rehab Center at the Margaret Hague Hospital in Jersey City for a period of time…seeing no  one from my family, no familiar face, no hugs and kisses from my parents for maybe weeks or months.  Like they were gone.  Or dead?  What would a 2 year old conclude from such an experience of utter loss.  But I can remember the dark of night, the shades being pulled down, the metal cribs we were in and clanked shut when we were to go to  sleep, being dropped into a whirlpool (and people wonder why I’m still afraid of water)of very hot water, exercising and exercising my bad legs.  Well, I do thank the Lord that I am just fine today…but the night, the dark of night.  Waking, not knowing where I am and starting to panic.  That was 64 years ago now. No, it was just last night.  Time flies, but this is not fun.What to do?   Something  that works effectively for me is to be honest with what I’m going through and to share it all with the Lord. All of it…not blaming others like God or wallowing in self-pity but talking with Him. Simply sharing with the One who loves me so very much.   Like Paul said, ‘…but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God…’ (Phil.  4:6).  I imagine when Paul says ‘everything’, he means EVERYTHING!  Anything you need to openly talk with the Lord about? Like He doesn’t know about it?   Good medicine from the Good Physician Jesus. Prayers of all kinds.   More next time!

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