LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT! Read Song of Solomon chapter 2: 15

You’re probably too young to remember a very famous singer of the 1940’s and ’50’s…Kitty Kallen.  She was very popular and is still alive at the young age of 91!  Her big hit was ‘Little Things Mean a Lot’. The first time I heard her sing the song was at my sister’s home in Florida where her husband played it on his 8- track tape machine!   I can still hum it in my mind as it was quite a catchy tune and words.  I hummed that song as I read that verse from Solomon’s love poem in the Old Testament we call the Song of Solomon.  He writes, ‘catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.’  Little things can mean a lot and little things can ruin even more!  I’m sure you’ve noticed how it doesn’t take much to put the ‘kibosh’ (as we would say in my all Jewish neighborhood in New Jersey where I was raised) on any good time or any good thing in our lives.  Someone looks at us funny.  They talk to each other and we wonder what they’re saying about us.  We get up on the wrong side of the bed with a blazing headache.  No one says a word about the sermon I worked so hard on!  It’s the little things…can you think of something right now that’s ruining what should be  good times  in your life.  I can.  What to do?  Pray to the Lord to catch them and not let them go and run wild and run roughshod.  To corral them and pen them in and up. After all,  we’ve got these proverbial vineyards and they’re in full bloom, so protect them…close them off from invaders like those little foxes.  Put up a fence.  Be on guard.  Watch over them.  Be vigilant.  Put in a gate and only let in what will edify and encourage.  After all, there are plenty of little foxes just waiting to pounce and ruin what is so good in the Lord, from His generous hands,  just to trust Him, to trust in Jesus.  “Little things…”

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