My wife Sue and I are here on Seabrook Island, South Carolina for 2 months.  Now that April has begun ( no April Fool’s Jokes here please!), we just love all the flowers blooming, the redbud trees with their bright, vibrant purplish/red colors, the flowering pear trees with tri-color blooms to amaze us, and of course the azaleas just bursting forth with colors of reds and whites and pinks and purples.  Even though the winter was very cold here in the Southeast, yet everything is as it should be, all is as intended by the Master Designer, the Master Gardener, God Almighty Himself.  No matter  if it’s early or late, all God’s creation seems to average out just as He planned…have you noticed that?  I have.  Shouldn’t surprise us in the least…”He’s got the whole world in His hands…”  Today, I was noticing this one verse from Matthew 21.  Jesus has just told a disturbing parable about the horrible end of people, even those religious ones in high places, who reject God, who mistreat His Word and His prophets, who take lightly the Bible and just disregard it out-of-hand,  who re-interpret it for their own convenience and pleasures.  Jesus says that God’s Kingdom will no longer be theirs but ‘given to a people who will produce its fruit’.  Think about that for a moment today.  The Kingdom of God is given…it’s a gift…not earned but given.  Nothing you can buy… but given.  No browney-points or favoritism but just given by God as a gift.  Given…to those who will bear fruit.  Huh!  To those who simply do what they were created to do, to be who they were meant to be.  If you are planted as wheat in God’s good earth, then produce wheat.  If you’re an apple tree planted in God’s good soil, then produce apples in abundance.  Don’t try to be what you’re not.  Doesn’t mean not to work hard, or take risks in life or fear failure or never change.  No.  None of those things.  Just pray to the Lord to show you who He made you to be and then go for it!  Produce fruit…be productive for the Lord.  What a better place this world would be.  Agree?  

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