THAT SPECIAL LITTLE WORD! Read Matthew 22: 1-14

I was reading this parable told by Jesus, the story about the wedding feast.  In April  it will be 20 years since Sue and I got married and had a feast after our wedding ceremony.  As a matter of fact the young man who videoed our wedding/reception mainly got pictures of all the food!  Who cares about the people and especially that groom and his lovely bride!  The food was what counted!  At least to him!  And probably he wasn’t alone!  Read this parable from Matthew…it’s really a good one (as they all are).  What grabbed me in this reading was a little word used at the very beginning of the first verse, a word written by Matthew, this Gospel writer.  Matthew, who calls himself that, in this his book about Jesus’ life.  Not just Levi, his old name; but Matthew, his new name given by Jesus –‘a new name written down in glory’.  He’s so properly proud of his new name. Now Matthew!Before it was Levi– the hated tax-collector, known cheat and money-grubber, collaborator with the hated occupiers, draining every last ounce of shekel-blood from his own people.  Matthew, who knew better, who maybe had parents agonizing over him with prayers to God over their lost son.  Lost and he knows it.  Until…Until Jesus comes along and gives him what money can’t buy.  A new life, a new name, a second chance!  Look at verse 1 of Matthew 22. Do you see that word ‘again’? Hard to miss!  Jesus spoke to the people AGAIN in parables…God keeps reaching out to all of us all the time in every way possible.  Again and again, I see how God has been there for  me even when I had no idea.  My having no idea certainly didn’t mean that He wasn’t there.  Quite the contrary.  Maybe someone reading this blog today feels all alone, guilty over a re-occurring sin, or just plain empty and confused.  Maybe you?  Maybe me?  Many times I’ve felt that way, but again and again He keeps coming to me, keeps speaking with me through His Word in the Bible, inside wrapping His arms around me reminding me once again that He loves me, that He’ll never, ever forsake me.  Maybe that’s the message you need today…He’s yours and your His forever and ever!  Who doesn’t need to hear that good news…AGAIN! And AGAIN!

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