HERE’S THE CONCLUSION! Read Ecclesiastes 12:13

We are having real problems with this blog site.  That may be what the title will refer to!  We certainly hope not.  But here we go…If you’ve been reading Ecclesiastes in your Bible, you have been on such a great journey with good old King Solomon through the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the nooks and crannies of life itself.  Life poses many questions indeed.  Those of us from Washington State just agonize with our neighbors in Oso, north of Seattle near Darrington, with the horrendous results of a massive mudslide…killing untold, ruining property and hopes and dreams for people who may not have even known what hit them.  Why?  Why them?  Why innocent children and playful pets?  Just pause to think about all the questions we have in our lives.  Why?  When?  How?  We all ask them, these questions without decent answers.  I’ve known people, well-meaning people, some very intelligent, some strong believers who just seem to have glib answers for everything, and I never enjoy being around them.Sorry about that.   Like being shoved up against a brick wall.  Maybe I envy their easy answers.  Maybe I’d like to be satisfied with 2+2=, well you know what.  I seem to come up with 5!  Am I the only one who has a square peg for that proverbial round hole?  I don’t think so.  Simple answers don’t fit with Solomon in his book of Ecclesiastes either.  But what is his conclusion?…here comes verse 13 of chapter 12.  It’s wonderful.  It’s says so much to me.  Like saying don’t get hung up on those infernal  questions. No, ‘fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.’  As you probably know, the word ‘fear’ is better translated to our overly- delicate and  sensitive ears as ‘worship’.  Revere the Lord, bow down before Him, treat Him with the greatest respect and affection.  Yes, fear, as He is God Almighty, He is powerful, He is  an Awesome God .But here the meaning is closer to just sitting at His feet and listening to Him, obeying Him and this is our ‘whole duty’.  Think I’ll stop here for today…I’ve got a story to tell that will be for another time, Lord willing.  Please pray that we’ll work thru these problems with our website…such is life.  If this is our conclusion, Worship Him, listen to Him, obey Him…that covers it all…Over and hopefully not out!

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