GOADS AND ALL! Read Ecclesiastes 12:9-14

Here we are now at the conclusion of Solomon’s wise advice we call the book of Ecclesiastes.  Not just his advice but the wisdom of Almighty God found only in the entire Bible that God has graciously given to us.  The Bible is a gift of love from Him to us.  It’s a love story, a cache of love letters to be cherished and read and re-read.  It’s fresh and alive with new meaning every time we sit at its feet and listen and delve into and struggle with. The Bible is God’s inspired Word from beginning to end. In Eccles. 12,  verse 11 Solomon says that these collected sayings are like ‘firmly embedded nails’, not easily removed.  Ever try to get out a nail that just won’t budge and is set so deep it just will not come out?  Your Bible and mine are like those nails…firm and sure and holding great weight.  There’s more… verse 10 says that the Bible speaks  ‘just the right words’.  And that the words you read there are ‘upright and true’.  Wow!  In a time when every body’s opinion seems so empty and vapid and suspect and just plain shallow and stupid, here comes the Word above all words…from God Himself!  Doesn’t that make you just want to spend even more time with Him in His Word?  Does for me.  I want more…of God’s Word.  I want to know more of His thinking.  I want more…of Him!  That’s a preview of heaven we can have right here on earth.  Sounds good to you? Does to me.  Then, go for it.  Get more into His Word.  Open that Bible, blow off the dust, write in the margins, dog-ear the pages.  It’s your Bible.  Don’t worry, be happy!  Read it and believe it and ask for more insight from the author, the Holy Spirit.  He promises to give that to you if you but ask and mean it and give Him the time needed.  I’ve got more to share from this last chapter of Ecclesiastes but that’s for next time.  Company’s arriving…and Sue and I work together on this! They will be hungry and must be fed.  Hungry for God?  Pull up to the the table…and eat all you want!

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